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Silverware items that are a hundred years old (or more) are considered antique. Modern pieces may not have held their value, but quality antiques should be worth more than their scrap metal price. This is why many people collect and invest in antique silverware because of its undoubtedly increasing market value. You can also sell antique silverware for fast cash that you can use to widen your collection. Bring them to reputable antique silverware buyers such as Nevada Coin Mart to get the most cash for your items. If you want to learn how to sell your antique silverware for the best price, you should read on.

Sell Popular Antique Silverware Patterns

Antique silverware patterns help in determining the era of its production. These patterns are mostly the reason why collectors are in love with silverware in the first place. Below are the most popular and stunning antique silverware patterns that many silver-buying establishments buy in exchange for instant cash: 

Towle Georgian Pattern. Towle designed the Georgian pattern in 1898. It’s a beautiful style pattern with a lot of detail. The handle resembles a Greek column, complete with capital curves on the top edge. It has a rose motif on the top of the handle and partway down and another rose motif where the handle meets the fork’s body.

Adolphus Mt. Vernon Pattern. Adolphus’ Mt. Vernon is a fascinating pattern that depicts the transition from Victorian to Colonial style. While other styles from this time period may be simpler and more colonial in style, Mt. Vernon shows one last nod to the Victorian fascination of decoration while embracing the new love of all things Early American.

Durgin New Art Pattern. Durgin produced her New Art in 1899 during the height of Edwardian architecture. With their elegant, almost moving shapes, these pieces have a strong Art Nouveau influence – a popular aspect when selling antique silverware. At the top of a spoon handle, a smooth oval area is available for monogramming. For a person who buys antique silverware, these details can definitely increase their offer.

How to Sell Antique Silverware

It can be hard to find individual buyers for antique silverware. Doing so requires time, effort, and good connections. You also have to know a thing or two about what you are selling. However, if you want to skip all that hassle, you can simply sell your antique silverware to Nevada Coin Mart instead. As the widest antique silverware across Las Vegas, we offer free in-store evaluation for the value of your antique silverware and other precious items. 

Value of Antique Silverware

An antique silverware’s value can depend on its type: a silver plate or sterling silver. Additionally, the specifics of determining value in different types of antique silverware vary, several general rules can be used to determine the likelihood of anything being valuable. When determining the value of an antique, a number of considerations are taken into account, which is an important part of how to sell antique silverware.

Item condition and marks. In selling antique silverware, an item with the manufacturer’s logo or the artist’s name stamped or otherwise labeled is usually more valuable than one without. Like any silverware, the value of antique silverware drops dramatically when they are in poor condition and unsigned. Reputable organizations establish a protocol for quickly determining the state of a vintage item’s quality. The most common judgment criteria used to assess antique silver are Mint, Nearly Mint, Excellent, Good, Decent, and Poor. 

Age and demand. When determining the value of antique silverware, the period in which it was produced is vital. Antique silverware buyers will not be able to tell the exact year an object was made, but by recognizing the key components, they will be able to identify the main characteristics that will assist them in deciding when it was made.

Authenticity. Determining authenticity is important when selling antique silverware. Some telltale features can be detected after enough testing and examination by a reputable silver-buying establishment. Sloppy craftsmanship is another sign that an item isn’t genuine. With all these details in understanding, you are now closer to learning how to sell your antique silverware.

Antique Silverware Buyer

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Where to Sell Antique Silverware

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There are two types of valuable antique silverware: sterling silver and silver plate. These are relatively easy to spot. First, is the silver-plated flatware. Workers use base metal in creating this type of silverware, then cover it with a thin layer of silver. This silver coating gives it a lovely look, thus costing a fraction of the price of sterling silver. Silverplate feels lighter in weight than Sterling silver for the same size.

On the other hand, the word “Sterling” stamped on the object makes it easy to recognize as sterling silver. This suggests that it is either pure silver or.924 silver with.075 copper added. Manufacturers stamp “.925” or “925/1000” on all sterling silver produced in the United States after 1850. These are just important details you need to know when selling antique silverware.