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Value of Silver Platter

Antique sterling silver platters are valuable not only because of their metallic properties but also because of their exquisite designs and carvings, not to mention their age. It has become one of the most sought-after article commodities throughout the ages by many people looking to add to their silver inventory. Silver platters are generally valued for their patterns and designs rather than their silver material.

When looking for sterling silver platters, there are a few brands and manufacturers to keep an eye out for. Tiffany & Co., Art Nouveau, Fairfax, International in Meriden, George Bryan & Co., Edwardian Sterling Silver by William B. Kerr, Classical Silver Tray by Puiforcat, and many others are only a few examples. These companies have antique collections worth tens of thousands of dollars. The cost varies from $1000 to over $100,000. It may sound absurd, but this antique sterling silver platter costs so much.

Aside from the suppliers, the markings will also aid in determining the value of a silver platter. Many other societies have adopted precious metals in the dining table since ancient Egypt, showing their wealth and influence on society. Over time, however, people have tried to reduce the unnecessary use of precious metals such as gold and silver for household objects, including utensils, plates, cups, and other items.


From 1890 to 1999, five symbols were used to grade the value of English Hallmarks. The town mark is a sign that represents the town where the silver material was certified. The year it was made is reflected by the date letter. The maker’s mark identifies the factory or silversmith who created the piece. The lion passant signifies that the item complied with the norm and is guaranteed to contain silver. If these are present, the value of a silver platter can definitely be higher than any other.

Sell Authentic Silver Platter 

Dealing with sterling silver platters and other silverware requires concentration since a large number of fake and silver-plated pieces have been mass-produced, making it difficult to tell the difference between genuine and fake. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to avoid having a fake one.

Authentication of Hallmarks – Compare the seller’s marks to samples in books or other originals you have on hand for comparison. Since machines stamp originals, you can expect a delicate and polished label. Unlike the fake, the stamps aren’t very well placed because the forgers can’t afford the machine and the time it takes to make it.

Silver hallmarks signify the purity of the metal and the manufacturer’s or silversmith’s mark and other markings that indicate the piece’s date of manufacture and other details. Pure silver items have a stamp that features the numbers 925, 900, or 800.” These figures indicate the purity of silver in the item. The purity of sterling silver is 92.5 percent or higher. If you wish to sell your silver platter at a high price, you need to prove that it carries a good amount of silver.

The Magnet Test – Silver, like other precious metals such as gold and copper, is nonmagnetic. Take a few magnets and see if they stick to your silver platter. Unlike iron, nickel, cobalt, and other metals, silver is not magnetic and only exhibits mild magnetic effects. This is a simple test that will tell you whether your item is real silver or not. Remember, authenticity is among the factors that determine the value of a silver platter. This is important when you want to sell your silver platter so you can avoid horrible deals.

Sell Your Silver Platter

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Brief History

The platter is a large plate that people use to serve food or meals. In restaurants and dining establishments, it refers to a meal that includes a variety of foods in one extra-large plate. Its large size allows it to transport large quantities of food, typically for groups of diners. 

Platters come in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, square, and rectangular. It could also be metal, ceramic, plastic, glass, or wood, and it could be simple or ornate, making it suitable for any formal occasion. No matter what the design, shape, and size, you can sell your silver platter to Nevada Coin Mart if it carries even the slightest silver content.

Since the platter’s purpose is to accommodate a greater amount of food than plates, it’s a good idea to serve all types of food at once. It is actually beneficial to conduct a taste test before determining which one to consume. The history, design, and silver content can determine the value of a silver platter.