Sell Silver Rings for Best Value in Las Vegas | Where to Sell Silver Rings

Certain individuals who want to invest in wearable assets collect silver rings due to its affordability compared to gold. If you happen to find one that you no longer want to keep (or if you just really need a few extra bucks), selling your silver rings is one way to go. To do this effortlessly, you only need to find a reputable place where you can sell your silver rings, like Nevada Coin Mart. Neil, who buys silver rings professionally, pays the most cash for anything in all of Las Vegas. As home to modern professional buyers, you can never go wrong with bringing your items to Nevada Coin Mart. Here, you can get the best amount of cash in exchange for the value of your silver rings. Read on to learn how to sell silver ring.

Sell Silver Rings

Knowing the value of silver rings entails understanding their authenticity, and an easy test would be to check for markings on the ring. This is quite important when you are selling your silver rings. Real sterling silver jewelry will be marked with either “Ster,” “925,” or “Sterling Silver.” For rings, the marking can most likely be found in the inner band. You can also tell through the use of a soft, white cloth. When gently rubbed on genuine silver, the ring will not tarnish.

Silver-plated rings, however, will show slight discoloration or maybe even some scratching. You could also try to smell the ring—real sterling silver will not have a smell, but ingenuine rings will smell like metal. For anyone who buys silver rings, this is an indication that there is too much copper in the item. And of course, a magnet would also come in handy when testing the authenticity of jewelry. Magnets have no effect on gold or silver, so if a piece is affected by it, then it is most likely not genuine sterling silver. 

If you sell silver rings, you can also opt to take a nitric acid test. Here, a small piece of silver is tested using different acidity levels, which can be done at home or in jewelry stores. 

Silver Ring Value

Like most fine jewelry, the value of silver rings is mostly dictated by the spot price of silver as a commodity. Since a ring’s silver content is what carries the majority of a silver ring’s value, it only makes perfect sense that the ring’s price directly correlates to the price of actual silver. Hence, keeping abreast with the spot price of silver is essential when you sell silver rings. Doing so can help you determine a base price for your items. Click this link to check out the spot prices of silver:

Who Buys Silver Rings

As an establishment who buys silver rings, Nevada Coin Mart helps customers earn money fast. The store is home to experts who are knowledgeable on fine jewelry, making us the best place to sell silver rings. We offer the best deals for the value of your silver rings in all of Las Vegas and even Henderson. Our shop is open from 9 AM to 6 PM. We are located 4065 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103. Bring all your precious jewelry in and sell your silver rings to earn fast cash now.

Uses of Silver

Its softness, resistance to oxidation, and antibacterial properties make silver an essential element in various fields. Since silver can be shaped into thin metal sheets, scientists, mechanics, and engineers are able to make technological advancements with it. We can expect to find silver in our cell phones, kitchen appliances, and even in our televisions. Silver is a favorite when it comes to circuit boards and other electrical materials as its conductivity is at par with that of gold.

Aside from being a high-quality conductor, silver has allowed us great strides in the field of medicine. It has also been used as an antibiotic coating on medical devices and even as fillings in the dental industry. As you can see, silver has many uses, which is why selling silver rings may seem easy. The silver content increases a silver ring’s value, along with its type, shape, and style.

Silver has also been vital to the existence of the photography industry. Traditional film photography is fully dependent on the silver halide crystals present in the film as these are what change to “record” an image when exposed to light. But most commonly, when silver comes to mind, people often think of silver chains in jewelry.