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Brief History

Striking silver with minimal amounts of base metal into coins results in silver coins. Today, it is the easiest way to start investing in bullion coins because it’s quite easy to buy and sell silver coins.

Around 600 BC, the kingdom of Lydia in Asia Minor struck the first silver coins. Workers minted silver coins within the Lydian Empire and used an alloy of gold and silver called electrum. People consider these coins as the first silver coins used for transactions in the history of the world.

Neighboring Greek teritories developed an interest on the Lydian Empire’s use of silver coins.
They used silver coins as their basic commodity for trade. In fact, these coins were easily tradable and very liquid, costing relatively low in terms of buying and selling price or value of a silver coin to a silver coin buyer. Eventually, these coins were used to exchange goods with other Greek territories throughout the Mediterranean Sea until it became more popular in trade and commerce.

Moreover, the antiquated Persians utilized silver coins between 612-330 BC.  British pennies were also made of silver sometime before 1797.  In ancient times, saving silver coins was one of the most common practices of storing one’s wealth. Later on, government mints produced silver bullion coins for sale to investors. These historical events made it possible for silver coins to be considered the most seasoned mass-delivered type of coinage. Today, people sell silver coins in consideration of the silver’s spot price for a fair business transaction. 

Silver Coin Value

Silver coins carry a face value ranging from one cent to one dollar. It also has a legal tender status, making it officially utilized for payment of debts and taxes. Any issuing government of silver coins always makes sure of the weight and level of purity to avoid counterfeiting schemes today.

While some silver rounds and bars have the same weight as silver coins, the latter are still deemed generally the most expensive for governments that typically mint them. The higher premiums that come with silver coins called “seigniorage,” which governments charge for their coins, made these silver coins expensive.

Today, modern silver coins contain a purity of 99.9% (.999 fine) or more. Most silver coins weigh one troy ounce. These characteristics have become the informal standard in silver coins to make maintaining and tracking silver coins easier. 

Along with this are the factors that determine the price of a silver coin. These include rarity, demand, condition, and the number of coins originally minted. Knowing the current spot price of silver is also a determining factor of the silver coin’s value. This means that the silver coin’s price is generally dictated by its spot price rather than its face value.

This is why if you wish to sell any silver coin of your possession, it’s best that you keep abreast of the pricing trends of silver and the factors that might influence it, including the current market trends and expected future prices. Learn more about the spot price of silver coins here:

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