Sell Silver Maple Leaf for Best Value in Las Vegas

Some people consider the Silver Maple Leaf coins as the official silver coin of Canada. You can sell silver maple leaf coins to get some serious cash, making it quite popular among collectors. But, to do so, you must first understand its history and components – two factors that can potentially affect the value of your silver maple leaf coins. If you want to learn how to get the best cash for the price of your silver maple coin, you should read on.

Silver Maple Leaf Value

As a silver bullion coin, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf generally follows the market value of silver rather than its face value.  The face value of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is five Canadian dollars. Numismatists claim that the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf has the highest face value among all bullion coins out in the market. The five-dollar face value of this silver bullion coin is much higher than the pure silver American Eagle with only 1$ denomination. 


The market value of this precious metal varies, depending on the spot price of silver.  With a 99.99% silver content, this silver bullion coin makes it among the finest official bullion coins worldwide. This further means that if you wish to sell a Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, you have the best shot to get a higher price or quote. But it is also that you keep track of the current spot price of silver as this is a determining factor of your coin’s silver value. The spot price of silver changes regularly and is influenced by current marketing trends in the coin industry. To learn more about the spot price of silver, click here:

Sell Silver Maple Leaf

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Brief History

The Royal Canadian Mint produces silver coins called the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Meanwhile, the Canadian Government issues these coins annually. Because of the people’s overwhelming reception, the Government of Canada decided to issue this silver coin annually. It has become a legal tender in their country, recognizing it as a legal monetary instrument to pay any debt. Although, even if it’s a legal tender, it is more used as a bullion coin. `

The term maple leaf is most widely recognized as the national symbol of Canada. People have adopted the maple leaf as an emblem that represents the Canadian nation, particularly in silver coin production. Today, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is among the most recognized bullion coins in the world. This coin is Canada’s official silver bullion coin. 


People in Canada and even across the world deemed the coin a unique silver coin because of its distinct features and design. The front of the coin or its obverse does not show its name, unlike most other coins. Interestingly, the coin’s obverse features Queen Elizabeth II, the issuing date, and the coin’s assigned face value. Historians believe this is the first-ever design that features the Queen with a crown.

The reverse, on the other hand, is the sugar maple leaf or the Canadian Maple Leaf. This display at the back of the coin is symbolic of the modern nation of Canada. It is a national symbol in Canada that is officially recognized to represent its country and people even abroad. The sugar maple leaf as an emblem dating back to the 17th century was first created and designed by Walter Ott in 1979.

Also, one of the many things that makes this silver bullion the most popular is its purity. Unlike other coins, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf offered the highest purity content since its release. Since then, this has become an attractive way for most people to invest, considering the purity of the precious metal. Thus, the Royal Canadian Mint added new security measures to the coin to protect it from being counterfeit. 

These contributed to a worldwide recognition of the coin, making the price of silver maple leaf coins increase once in a while. It has also become one of the most sought-after collectible investment-grade coins in the market today. It is available in bullion, proof, and uncirculated forms, all in .9999 pure content, significantly adding to its collectible nature.